Adventures In Shade 01: Dungeon Topology

It’s been a wild year! This summer I interned with Riot Games as a Platform Engineer with Player Behavior. Before that, I withdrew from school in order to work full-time as a Software Engineer at Azubu. You can’t really blog when working on secret sauce. Fortunately, I’m no longer working on secret sauce – it’s… Read More »

Streaming Diamond 3 Yi

I’ll be streaming more solo queue in the upcoming weeks. If you’re interested in watching Master Yi Played in Diamond 3 (North America) check me out on Twitch! Watch live video from ItzWarty on

Scribbles from March 9th, 2014: On RAF Manager and Dargon

On April 28th of 2011, Steve ‘Udyr’ Mieczkowski published The Riot Archive File Format Specification to League of Legends’ PVP.NET Patcher Beta and General Discussion forums.  A few hours later, I released utilities enabling fellow summoners to dump and pack client resources, and, in within a week, thousands of summoners downloaded my next iteration, RAF… Read More »

So, about that blog…

I started the blog! My New Year’s resolution didn’t include writing stuff, right??? I’ve decided on my first blog series: Adventures In Shade. I’ve been working on a dungeon crawler with random procedurally generated maps. I’m not great at naming things, but those names usually stick (Teh Dargon.sln => The Dargon Project)… so eh, this… Read More »

Hello, World!

Twitter’s great for connecting with others, but at times I’d like more than 140 characters to express myself.  I’ve meant to start something like this for a long time – I’ve just never gotten to it, so here we go… Hello, World! I’m Michael, the creator of RAF Manager and The Dargon Project. My hobbies mainly… Read More »