Monthly Archives: July 2015

Introducing MiniSynapse: A Tiny Razer Synapse Alternative

In a fit of 3AM Rage, I decided to write an alternative to Razer Synapse.

And then I realized most people don’t like Razer Synapse, so I decided to stop Razer Synapse from running at startup.

And then I restarted my computer and discovered that without Synapse, my mouse wasn’t configured properly.

And then I became annoyed. I don’t like being annoyed.

And then I created MiniSynapse. You can find MiniSynapse on my Github page at ItzWarty/ItzWarty.MiniSynapse.

And thus it was K.

MiniSynapse works by logging into your Razer account (using whatever login info you used previously) and loading your device configurations. I’ve only tested it with a BlackWidow and a Deathadder Chroma, so I have no clue how it operates with whatever other devices (e.g. mousepads… if they have drivers for whatever reason, headsets, laptops, touchpads, etc). Oh yeah, and Razer Surround seems to still work fine after all this, though I don’t think it depends on Synapse at all (good for them!)…

Stay safe, don’t drive drunk or do drugs, cya next time.
-Michael ‘ItzWarty’ Yu