Adventures In Shade 01: Dungeon Topology

By | September 2, 2014

It’s been a wild year! This summer I interned with Riot Games as a Platform Engineer with Player Behavior. Before that, I withdrew from school in order to work full-time as a Software Engineer at Azubu. You can’t really blog when working on secret sauce. Fortunately, I’m no longer working on secret sauce – it’s time to get going again!

libalby dungeon topology

I rewrote the link-management portion of libalby. The line-cutting algorithm deserves a post on its own (it's not complicated, but you can't describe it quickly) but the tl;dr is that it's cleaner and bug-free. Oh yeah, and I rewrote the renderer - I'm no longer rendering maps to console!

2D Dungeon Render - Switch from CLI to GUI

Bitmap-based dungeon generationRed: Guides for dungeon generation.
Lime: Connections between cells (rooms).
Blue: Disconnections between cells.

3D Dungeon Render

It didn't take too long to hack together a 3D render using SharpDX Toolkit - here we go!

3D-rendered dungeon generationBlack Cells - Rooms you'll be able to run into. Green Lines: Links between connected rooms.

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