dargon-root, an aggregate repository

By | November 24, 2015

Time for a short update. I just pushed the-dargon-project/dargon-root which aggregates all of our repositories into one pullable entity. It’s sort of nice.

More importantly, it solves a pain point regarding NuGet, .net’s de-facto package manager. Until we get our hands on dnx (google it, it’s awesome), we’re stuck with HintPaths that break builds if you use a project in more than one solution. Exactly a year ago, I moved us over to a system where every major project shipped as a NuGet package and other projects depended on those packages. I think the benefits of project-to-project references heavily outweighs anything we’d gain from NuGet, so as a next step I’m going to work on overhauling the way we handle packages and CI (probably have a NuGet project in every solution, sort of like Fody).

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