Hello, World!

By | January 1, 2014

Twitter’s great for connecting with others, but at times I’d like more than 140 characters to express myself.  I’ve meant to start something like this for a long time – I’ve just never gotten to it, so here we go…

Hello, World!

I’m Michael, the creator of RAF Manager and The Dargon Project.

My hobbies mainly involve software engineering with a current focus on the technology around video games.

I’m OCD so this line is completely necessary for my sanity.

I like Dargons.

Do I expect many people to read this? meh, not really. Most people are more interested in using my programs than reading about the work that goes into them. But it’ll be fun to look back at and a medium through which I communicate with end-users.

I’m into a lot of things besides Dargon (teaching, game development, and robotics to name a few) which I haven’t spoken much about online, and this’ll be an outlet for that as well.

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