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By | January 14, 2014

I started the blog! My New Year’s resolution didn’t include writing stuff, right???

I’ve decided on my first blog series: Adventures In Shade.

I’ve been working on a dungeon crawler with random procedurally generated maps. I’m not great at naming things, but those names usually stick (Teh Dargon.sln => The Dargon Project)… so eh, this thing’s probably going to be called Shade. Let’s go with that!

Quite unsurprisingly, a lot of mathematics and computer science-y stuff is necessary to produce aesthetically pleasing results. As a result, I’ll be writing about my venturing into computer graphics, computational geometry, and artificial intelligence algorithms.

The project’s mainly a way for me to discover the power of entity-component-systems, apply stuff I’ve learned since middle school to fun problems, and refine my familiarity with Direct3D11. Oh, and I really want to experiment with a ton of non-conventional stuff, including computer vision for input (foot-tracking, drawing, head gestures), multiple mouse buttons as a requirement, and overcomplicated spell combinations. Since I’ll essentially be messing around, I won’t have to bother with balance either – this’ll just be about playing around until I get something I like.

I’ll end this write-up with a few pictures from a few weeks ago.

Yellow: Corridors which do not need to be traversed.
Red/Blue: entrances, exits, rooms with keys.
Green/Cyan: corridors between entrances, exits, and rooms with keys
A Spiral-Shaped Dungeon!
Top: Entrance-to-Exit Path
Bottom: Regular Render


  1. The series was originally named “Adventures in Computational Geometry”, but I figure we’ll jump into other topics. I like the new title, though!
  2. School and Dargon come before this; I merely work on this when I want to take a productive break away from Dargon… so don’t worry about Dargon’s release.
  3. Dargon’s Graphical User Interface subsystem was originally named Barno.

… and yes, I realize I need to spend some time writing some custom CSS for this wordpress style.

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